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Book: Problems and prospects of revolution in Nepal
"A Collection of Articles by Com. Prachanda and Other Leaders of the CPN (Maoist)".

   posted 1:42 AM  
Book: Problems and prospects of revolution in Nepal
"A Collection of Articles by Com. Prachanda and Other Leaders of the CPN (Maoist)".

   posted 1:42 AM

The Philippines: CPP welcomes release of political prisoners, congratulates NDF negotiators
"The Communist Party of the Philippines today welcomed the Philippine government's initial compliance to demands by National Democratic Front for the release of political prisoners. Starting April 5 up to May 10, thirty two (32) political prisoners will be released by the government."

   posted 12:43 PM  
India: Hail the heroic armed guerrilla offensive of the PGA in Koraput!
"February 6, 2004 will remain a Red Letter Day in the history of the Maoist people’s war in India aimed at liberating our country from the vicious clutches of imperialism, comprador bureaucratic capitalism and feudalism. On that day, the special striking forces of the People’s Guerrilla Army under the centralised military command carried out simultaneous actions at ten places in Koraput district virtually paralysing the district machinery for an entire day. The CCs of CPI(ML)[People’s War] and the Maoist Communist Centre of India (MCCI) hail these daring armed raids by the heroic guerrilla forces as a new milestone in the ongoing people’s war in our country. These tactical offensives were conducted by countering the increasing encirclement-suppression campaigns by the central para-military forces, the AP Grey Hounds and the special police forces of AP and Orissa, with the active support of the revolutionary masses."

   posted 11:03 AM  
NepaL: Maoists torch 18 Indian oil tankers
"Suspected Maoist rebels have torched at least 18 oil tankers carrying fuel from India to Nepal, reports said Monday."

   posted 10:59 AM  
Nepal: American Army deployed against People's War
"Western central Command of People’s Liberation Army PLA said to the KrishnaSen Sambad Samity KSS that American Army had been seen deployed to block PLA, on the way while return from Beni raid. Beni District headquarter was taken over by the Maoist PLA for 13 hours on 20 and 21 March."

   posted 10:45 AM  
Nepal Maoists kill nine policemen
"Hundreds of Maoist rebels have stormed a police post in eastern Nepal, killing at least nine officers."

   posted 10:41 AM

Maoist violence threatens Nepal's poll plans
"Efforts by Nepal's caretaker government to hold elections this year are impeded by the worsening security situation and the mountainous terrain, which could make the exercise a logistical nightmare. The Himalayan kingdom's political woes began in May 2002 when then prime minister Sher Bahadur Deuba dissolved the elected parliament, OneWorld reports. "

   posted 1:45 PM  
CP of Nepal (Maoist) statement on UN mediation initiative
"Having taken the recent appeal of Kofi Annan, the General Secretary of the United Nation, for the peaceful solution of the existing crisis of the civil war in Nepal and the inherent conception as a responsible initiative of the international community, our Party has humbly welcomed it. We have been making public our proposal for the need of mediation of the United Nations on the background of the deception and conspiracy demonstrated by the feudal autocratic old state in the period of past negotiation. "

   posted 1:09 PM  
The Philippines: Fight for national liberation, democracy and peace through protracted people's war
"With utmost joy, we celebrate the 35th anniversary of the founding of the New People's Army (NPA) by the Communist Party of the Philippines as well as all the brilliant victories won by the Red commanders and fighters. These victories have been won under the correct leadership of the Party and with the militant participation of the broad masses of the Filipino people."

   posted 12:24 PM

India: Maoist posters sprout in Mumbai
"Posters put up by Nepali Maoist activists at Andheri railway station here have sent Mumbai police into overdrive, with top intelligence officials swinging into action after the matter was brought to their notice today."

   posted 9:47 PM  
Nepal rebels set hostage demand
"Maoist rebels in Nepal have set conditions for the release of over 30 security force personnel and officials captured in fierce fighting on Sunday."

   posted 9:45 PM

Nepal: Maoists pledge to keep fighting
"Maoist rebels in Nepal have vowed to continue attacks on government targets, following fierce fighting in the north-west over the weekend."

   posted 11:57 AM

Footages show humane and lenient treatment of NPA POWs in Bicol
Attached herewith are footages of prisoners of war (POWs) currently being held by the New People's Army in Camarines Sur. The footages were taken by the NPA-Romulo Jallores Command on March 1 & 2.

   posted 3:39 PM  
Nepal Maoists offer peace talks under UN mediation
"The Maoist rebels of Nepal have expressed their readiness to hold dialogue with the government under the United Nations mediation to settle the eight-year old insurgency in the Himalayan kingdom."

   posted 3:36 PM

Philippines: 35th anniversary of the New People's Army
Photo Gallery.

   posted 1:53 PM  
Philippines: Increase the number of women Red fighters!
"The large-scale participation of women
in the armed struggle is one of the Communist Party's bigger victories in the women's liberation movement in the Philippines. From being confined to household work and being held captive by feudal and bourgeois concepts that demean them, women are being given the space and the opportunity to participate in the struggle to liberate the people and for their own liberation."

   posted 1:51 PM  
Philippines: CPP denounces Malacañang Red scare
"The Communist Party of the Philppines today strongly denounced Malacañang's Red scare tactics against progressive political parties as a virtual feeding of innocents to the lions.

CPP spokesperson Gregorio "Ka Roger" said in a statement that in Malacañang's desperation to win the elections "by hook or by crook," it is now pushing a Red scare campaign to negate the strong popular appeal and massive vote potential of progressive parties."

   posted 1:47 PM  
India: PW, MCCI plan merger before polls
"With Lok Sabha elections round the corner, two major Naxalite outfits, People's War (PW) and the Maoist Communist Centre of India (MCCI) have intensified their efforts for an early organisational merger at the national level. "

   posted 1:37 PM  
Philippines: NPA frees civilian hostage
"After a month in captivity, civilian volunteer Eduardo Raya was released Monday by the New People's Army (NPA), ABS-CBN News learned. "

   posted 1:27 PM  
India: Police fear violence between Maoists, Ranvir Sena
"The killing of four upper caste men by outlawed Maoist guerrillas in Bihar's Gaya district has sparked fears of a fresh of wave of violence in the region in the run up to the general election."

   posted 12:38 PM


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